6/9/21 – Today we found out we lost another precious soul over the rainbow bridge. Dakota came to me 3-4 years ago. She was used for breeding and the owners passed away and then she and an offspring got bounced around and finally came to us. Dakota didn’t eat for days and just laid by the front door. My heart broke for this girl. But soon after, she became a wonderful, well adjusted beagle.

When she got adopted, I painted a picture of her yearning for me at the door and not eating… But she did not do that at all. She jumped right up on the couch and was home. She fit right in. No moments of uncertainty, no moments of adjustment, she just fit right in like she was meant to be. I was surprised but thrilled! She was there with the family for the last 3 years and unfortunately her loss has created quite a hole for her family and community. We are so sorry she is gone but are grateful her senior years were full of love and happiness. Dakota was 15-16 yrs of age when she crossed. Rest in peace Dakota.