9/24/21 – It has taken me days to compose myself and let you know of a true angel alumni that crossed the bridge. Clarence came into the rescue in November 2020 out of a shelter. He was a hot mess for sure – overweight, nails extremely long and curling, old, bad teeth, lumps, skin infections, … Read more

Badger (formerly Biscuit)

8/31/21 6 years ago a sweet beagle named Biscuit came into our rescue. He found his forever home and then his family grew. He ended up with a human sibling and a beagle one. He enjoyed his life until recently when the now Badger (since adoption) started going downhill with kidney failure. Unfortunately Badger crossed … Read more


8/16/21 – Charlie came into the rescue in 2013 and one month later found her home. She lived a happy life getting the love she deserved. Recently, Charlie encountered some heart issues and sadly she crossed over the bridge yesterday. She was 17 years of age. We are so thankful to her daddy who loved … Read more


8/10/21 Some very sad news. Crumpet came out of a research facility and into our rescue. She spent many years being used for others’ benefit. Yet she was such a loving girl. She found her home and they loved her fiercely. She even had a bunny sibling. Unfortunately Crumpet got diagnosed with a blood disease. … Read more


8/3/21  This is a hard one. Many of you remember Kami. She has now earned her wings.  Kami was in a shelter at the age of 17! That was unacceptable and we stepped in. We brought her into our rescue and worked on getting her back on track in health and comfort. She came in … Read more

Scout (formerly Lani)

7/27/21 5 years ago we took in a pair of beagles that had been used for breeding and then dumped. They were definitely shy to start. Lani was one of the beagles although she goes by Scout now. She and her sister blossomed in their forever home and they were adopted together. It was amazing … Read more


7/23/21 In 2013, this handsome guy entered our rescue. It did not take long for him to find a home. He lived with two other beagles (one an alumni) and had a wonderful loving home. Bear was 12 years of age, when he suddenly became lethargic and stopped eating. He was taken in to the … Read more


7/18/21 – 6 yrs ago we took in this little maltese. He had such a horrid mouth and after care, he ended up with no teeth. It did not bother him at all. He still loved to eat. He was easy to love. Tux was adopted and we just found out, that at age 16, … Read more


7/6/21 Isabella came into our rescue in 2012. She at the time was over crated. She found a home with a wonderful family. Since she was now living as a normal loved dog, she was running but her ligaments were not used to moving and she blew both knees out. Now anyone who has went … Read more


7/2/21 It is with a heavy heart that will bring you the sad news of Gazer’s passing. She hasn’t been with us very long. We were working on getting all of her medical taken care of when it was discovered she was riddled with cancer. She didn’t know she was sick and she had a … Read more