11/4/22 Basho was a hound mix that came from hard beginnings but made his way here and into a loving home. We are so grateful he had this home where he finally got to experience love and to know what is was to be a dog. He also got to know the love of canine … Read more


11/2/22 Five years ago, this lovely boy came to us from a shelter. Jet was a great dog and loved life. He found his home where his mommy has loved him all these years. Jet crossed over the rainbow bridge peacefully this morning in his loving home. We are grateful that he had the home he … Read more


11/2/22 Four years ago, we took this sweet puggle in. Marlow was an excellent dog and turned into an easy foster because of that. Well, she found the perfect home that fit her. She had a mom that loved her and a puggle as a brother as well! Marlow had a good time living in … Read more


10/2022 Our beautiful blue tick beagle lost her life this week and went over the rainbow bridge. Her life did not start out too well and we had a lot brighter hope for her future than the reality of it. She was a throw away from a hunter. Destiny was young at 10 months of … Read more

Butters (formerly Buddy Bear)

11/2022 8 years ago, this little beagle Buddy Bear came to us after his owner passed and his family did not want him. He was afraid of some things and was about 8 years old. He found the most wonderful home for him with a past adopter. He became Butters and loved his family and … Read more

Wiggles (formerly Calypso)

11/2022 3 and a half years ago, this red beagle was found on the streets abandoned and neglected. She had multiple medical issues needing to be addressed including a tumor hanging off of her chest that was huge. We got Calypso fixed up. Our little food hound found her forever home and has been living … Read more

Juls (formerly PomPom)

9/26/22 6 years ago, we took in this cute little Pomeranian who was abandoned and one of our volunteers named her PomPom. She was pretty cute and rivaled the beagles for food. As it happened, someone was visiting one of our volunteers from out of town and met her. She returned home and within two … Read more


9/7/22 Recently we heard that Smoke had slipped out the door. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and passed away. We are so sorry this is where his story ended. We are sorry for Smoke and for the family who is grieving his loss. Please take this moment to check tags and make sure collars … Read more


9/13/22 Sad news as our alumni Dollie crosses the rainbow bridge. Dollie came into our rescue in 2012 and was adopted. 7 years later after many children, the family did not feel they could care for her and returned her. Luckily, she found herself a wonderful caring loving home that loved her. Unfortunately,  she recently … Read more


9/6/22 Opie came into our rescue 2 years ago. He was a mellow easy going guy. He found his forever home but after just two short years, he crossed over the rainbow bridge. He had significant damage from having heartworms in the past and it caught up to him and his body could no longer … Read more