Doc is a small 14 yr beagle/cocker. He is under care for arthritis. We actually are currently looking for a foster home for him without any other dogs. He does seem to get a little separation anxiety. He is a sweet old man that we pulled out of the shelter when he was dumped because … Read more


Adore spent 10 years living in a cage in a research facility. She was used for breeding more research dogs and used for testing products on. She never learned how to be a normal dog, to have the embrace and love of a family. Adore has made great strides and is no longer afraid of people. She has … Read more


Moonlit is a lovely lemon beagle. She spent her life being used by a hunter. She more than likely was breeding more hunting dogs as well. She managed to escape that life and found her way to rescue. She came to us through our rescue partners. We recently discovered a mammary tumor that needs to … Read more


3/21 – Mars is recovering from a bone infection.

🍀 Galway🍀

3/21 – Galway is about 9 years of age and a gorgeous somewhat shy girl. She made her way to us through our rescue partners in Mississippi for a better life. We knew she still needed to be spayed and then we found she needed a hernia repair as well. We hoped to get a … Read more


4/2/21 – Marbles is glitchy and has issues with a leash and being picked up so we are working on this.