11/2022  Our little 4 year old girl was adopted out once but they failed to keep up on her eye care. Kane has early onset of glaucoma, which is very painful if not under control. Her owner passed and the remaining family opted to return her. We then found out her pressures were high and … Read more


11/2022 Although we treated Chara for all of her ailments when she came in and performed surgeries on her, she is currently under our care for liver cancer. She was moved to a hospice position. She continues to be treated for thyroid but also is undergoing long term treatment for multiple urinary tract infections.


5/2022 – Batty is under our care as a forever foster. He is in fairly good shape now but we still tend to all of his medical needs and his supplies.


5/2022 – Sprite is under our care as a forever foster. She is a senior and has very little teeth and has already beaten cancer once.


5/2022 – Sharkey is a super senior at age 15. His dad went into hospital and didn’t come back. Sharkey is under our care for renal issues.


Adore spent 10 years living in a cage in a research facility. She was used for breeding more research dogs and used for testing products on. She never learned how to be a normal dog, to have the embrace and love of a family. Adore has made great strides and is no longer afraid of people. She has … Read more