5/2022 – Batty is under our care as a forever foster. He is in fairly good shape now but we still tend to all of his medical needs and his supplies.


5/2022 – Sprite is under our care as a forever foster. She is a senior and has very little teeth and has already beaten cancer once.


5/2022 – Brisket is under our care while she tends to the babies she had in the rescue. She will need to undergo treatment herself for heartworms.


5/2022 – Sharkey is a super senior at age 15. His dad went into hospital and didn’t come back. Sharkey is under our care for renal issues.


4/2022 – He was used for hunting and then dumped. He had been spray painted and was very shut down. We are working on his trust issues.


4/2022 She was left behind when someone moved. The trauma of that has caused her to be a skittish dog. We are working on that.


Kisses just birthed 8 puppies in our care. Once weaned in a couple of months, she will still be under care for all vetting and heartworm treatment.


Starbuck was bred to be little. In doing so, it has caused some genetic severe anxiety. She is blind as well. She is under treatment both medically and behaviorally to see if she can improve.


March 2022 – Pretty much a feral dog with no trust of humans. She is on a long road to learn to be a loved dog in a home. She is also under the treatment of heartworm.