4/21 – Honeydew escaped a hunter. She is pregnant and will not be available for some time.


3/21 – Mars is recovering from a bone infection.


3/21 – Evaluating surgery areas, bruising, and swelling on Gazer.


4/2/21 – Marbles is glitchy and has issues with a leash and being picked up so we are working on this.


4/2/21 Meet Harrison. He is shy and skittish. Harrison was hit by a car and has been treated for broken leg, broken feet, and hocks.


2/18/21 Bashful is a beagle mix that is terrified of the world. He was just neutered and had a cryptorchidism surgery. His medical otherwise seems ok, but he needs rehabilitation with behavior. He is terrified of the world and has had no good human interactions. We are working on him being ok with humans, eating, … Read more


Sebastian is an older guy at 16 years. He was picked up as a stray and brought to the shelter. He was not reclaimed and scheduled for euthanasia. We pulled him out. He is a happy friendly guy. He was overweight but has lost weight after he was on a diet. His oral health was terrible … Read more

Wasabi the Beagle

Wasabi the Beagle

2/1/21 Meet Ketchup’s brother Wasabi! Wasabi is also being treated for parasites and is assimilating to humans since he is also very skittish. We are thankful for his foster family providing him love and patience so he too can find his fur-ever family!

Your donations support Wasabi’s medical treatment and care.