6/24/23 2 years ago, we had this tiny beagle surrendered to us. She was actually chunky at 14 pounds, so you can imagine just how small she really was. She was so cute, and our first thought was she would be adopted quickly. She was about 9 years of age. But then we saw how she had a plethora of problems.

Starbuck was bred to be a “pocket beagle,” something that really does not exist. Because of this, she had many issues. She was mostly blind and she definitely had some neurological issues. We had a very caring family foster her. I questioned her quality of life. I truly believe she flourished in her forever home. If not for this family, I doubt she would have made it as far as she did. In the short time she was with them, she did learn love and trust. Sadly, her neurological issues started getting worse and worse. Her quality of life was affected. She crossed over the rainbow bridge with her family by her side and knowing she was loved.

Their kind gestures from day one until her end is exactly what rescue is all about. It was not easy for them. Starbuck’s daily struggles were hard on her caretakers and yet they persevered it all for her. I thank them and I am truly sorry for their loss. I know in my heart, she had the best home filled with love. That is all I can ask for. Rest in Peace Starbuck.