Sebastian is an older guy at 16 years. He was picked up as a stray and brought to the shelter. He was not reclaimed and scheduled for euthanasia. We pulled him out.

He is a happy friendly guy. He was overweight but has lost weight after he was on a diet. His oral health was terrible and we felt it was causing pain. He was cleared to go under and he ended up having at least 27 teeth removed. He was swollen for a couple of days but is now doing well and seems much happier and out of pain. He seems to get around fine but appears to have hearing loss, either partial or full. We had him evaluated by our veterinary team and he does have a murmur, but no meds or anything are indicated. His bloodwork looked great and we are just going to give him meds for arthritis to keep him out of pain. We noticed recently he does seem to have more symptoms of dementia. We have started him on supplements to see if they will help and are considering medication as well. He takes transition hard so any movement will be disruptive.