Moonlit is a lovely lemon beagle. She spent her life being used by a hunter. She more than likely was breeding more hunting dogs as well. She managed to escape that life and found her way to rescue. She came to us through our rescue partners. We recently discovered a mammary tumor that needs to be removed as well as an oro-nasal fistula. This is a hole between her mouth and nose, making eating a bit more difficult. We are getting her back to health and she is undergoing surgery. She is also having some other testing to make sure this is all she needs. Despite all this she is a happy beagle! Iin testing bloodwork before the surgery, we found she had heartworms. She had been tested previously and it was negative but now that it is positive, so we must treat her. Heartworm can be expensive (here in Vegas) and a lengthy treatment. Here is where you come in, you can help us raise the cost of treatment for Moonlit. This will be over several months. She also is being treated for Hookworms (this is much easier, quicker and cheaper to treat)