Landon was left behind in a home when his family moved. He was found in horrific condition weighing only 8 pounds, basically a bag of bones and skin. He was barely holding onto life and he had some sores on his side that were infected with maggots. He was in such frail shape, it took a long time to get weight back on him and to get him back to health.

He underwent 3 dental surgeries as he was unable to sustain the anesthesia that long. He also was treated for parasites and heartworms. This senior boy has been through a lot and it took him a day and half of sleeping to recover from the transport when we transferred him here from our rescue partner in Mississippi. We aren’t sure exactly how old he is. He does appear to have sight and hearing issues and he sleeps a lot. He does have accidents too.  He is now being evaluated for nose bleeds which many times can be a blood pressure or nasal cancer issue.