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Sponsor a BeagleSNBRF is starting a sponsorship program. Is there one of our dogs that has touched your heart? Perhaps you wanted to help but didn’t have the room or means to adopt or foster.  Now you can sponsor this dog.

What does that mean? Well, when you sponsor a dog you can either give a monetary one time amount, a committed monthly amount (which if the dog gets adopted, can go to a different dog of your choice) or pay for a particular procedure.

The amount is decided by you starting at five dollars. That is the price of one gourmet coffee and that would be for the whole month. Can you afford to give up one coffee a month? If you do, it can benefit a rescue dog greatly. Most dogs that come into our rescue need at a minimum shots. Some come in and need a lot more than that. What do you get for your money?

Well, you get the knowledge that the dog you are sponsoring will get the much needed medical care it needs. It will get the food it needs to live. It will get a safe and loving home it needs to thrive.

But that is not all. Oh no no, you will get to hear about the dog you sponsor in emails from the foster family. They will take you on the journey and keep you updated with what is going on in the dog’s life. They will send you pictures to show you how well the dog is doing. If you are in the Las Vegas area, you can even meet your sponsored dog.


So what do you say?


Are you ready to significantly change a dog’s life? 

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 Splintz….is a beautiful 6 month old baby boy beagle. Unfortunately he is in a lot of pain and needs our help. Splintz was surrendered to the rescue with both of his femur bones broken and with broken ribs, he can not stand or walk. The femur bones are broken at the upper part of the leg right near the growth plates, which is equivalent to you breaking both of your thigh bones at the same time. Can you imagine?
He is in the hospital and will remain there until he has recovered. His surgery will be very difficult and lengthy.
Please help us help Splintz. No amount is too small his vet bill will be approx. $3,000.
You can make donations to help Splintz directly to his vet by calling 702-896-9999 or via to or on his caring fund page:
We can’t thank you enough
for all of your support!




Bullis a gentle giant. He is one of the bigger beagles, but has no idea of that. Severely neglected and maybe even abused. Slow to trust but when he starts opening up, he is a mountain of love. He had untreated ear infections in both of his ears for years and now has a cataract in his one eye as well. He has had a growth on his eye that was not cancerous but needed to be removed so we did. Whomever had him never took care of his legs either. He has blown ACL ligaments on both sides and arthritis has set in. He needs pain management for this since it has been far too long since the injury to be repaired. He recently had a liver problem that almost killed him. Fortunate for us, he bounced back. Sponsor this doclie dog and hear about his adventures as he finds his loving home. Recently his ACL’s have become more bothersome and his eyesight is now very poor.







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